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About Me

Hello, my name is Zaccheaus, but you can call me Zacc. Life is very important, but
bringing something to life is a different kind of satisfaction. Designing and creating,
and watching things come to life for clients is what pushes me to work harder and work
more innovatively and less by the books. My world outside of the design studio brings
interesting experiences that I use to keep the liveliness in my work.


Box Cutter, Skirp

Album Cover Design

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As life goes on, we really should not get boxed up by
the small things in life, but we should push through those
things to the best of our ability.

album cover design Logo for muddy monkey

Muddy Monkey

Logo Redesign

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Muddy Monkey Ice Cream is a small business run by a
Christian family with a big future plan. With this new logo
their big plans are just finger tips away.

Lighthouse Church

Website Redesign

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The church graphics need to be updated, as well as their
website. Not only is this new website designed well, but it
has everything the congregation needs for prayer, rides to
services, videos, watching online, etc.

lighthouse assmebly of god church website redesign college route app that alouds kids to find there classes with ease

College Route

App Design

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College students hate asking the question, "Where is this
class?" because we want to figure it out by ourselves.
College Route was created to assist dur ing those moments.

Dreamlife Website

Historical Figure

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DreamLife Ministry is a program that helps young adults out
of bad addictions such as drugs, alcohol, and gang
violence. The ministry advises troubled youth to find their
own relationship with God.

album cover design Logo for muddy monkey

Maui Travel Site

Destination Website

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Maui is well-known for its unique culture and colorful
landscapes. My goal was to take the user on a tour
through the use of UI images, such as the Honu turtle
and detailed photography.